The Repair and Manufacturing base comprises with dimensions 153x42x16 m, along with office and amenity building and warehousing facility. The premises are made of light lattice work with sheathing.

The premises are equipped with three gates, two of them being railway gates, allowing entry with railway platforms inside, which facilitates the transport of materials and large-size products.

Basic equipment of the Repair and Manufacturing facility:

  • Bending brake PRCN 35-300;
  • Hydraulic press MECAMAQ DEVF-300;
  • Guillotine shear HGR 325 MATIC;
    Hydraulic coiler MH 3032 E;
  • Cut-off machine TRACKPIDDP V and TRACKPID IV;
    Muliradial drilling machine RD 1250 x 50;
  • Shot blasting chamber BLASTLUX PC-BL 1899;
  • Spray booth within dryer VENUS PB-VB 1899.

In addition, the Company equipment comprises:

  • Test kit Vibrotest 60 for measuring and analysing machinery vibrations;
  • Laser system of machinery alignment OPTALIGN;
  • Test station for electric motors 04 – 6 kV;
  • Rigid rotating body balancers within the range 02 – 3,000 kg;
  • Machine for boring casings of low pressure steam turbines;
  • Turning and boring lathes for large-size elements with a diameter of 3,300 and a turning height of 2,300 mm;
  • Heavy lathe with maximum turning diameter of 1,250 mm, turning lathe 6,000 mm, with milling and grinding capabilities;
  • Bed drilling and milling machine with a maximum spindle diameter of 100 mm, with a vertical movement of the fixed headstock of 1,120 mm;
  • Milling machine for gear wheels with a maximum diameter of the wheel of 500 mm;
  • “WAGENER” curing press, KLIV-Combi type, KLIV-Modul 1000 type and KLIV-Modul 1400 type;
  • GH160/R-500 hydraulic bending machine;
  • PWO40/37/3/73, NI20, NI20M annealing machines;
  • Feeder for mortars, concrete and dry aggregates to a maximum height of 100 m;
  • Equipment for low-cement concrete spraying;
  • Castolin equipment for arch spraying using cold and hot techniques;
  • Mechanical float for concrete;
  • Diagnostic videoscope;
  • ARC-MET 900 spectrometer;
  • Portable YXLON.XPO-225 x-ray unit;
  • Sheet rolling machine (max. sheet thickness of 16 mm, maximum sheet length of 3,150 mm, minimum pipe diameter of 600 mm);
  • Hydraulic shears cutting length of 3,150 mm, maximum sheet thickness of 25 mm;
  • PPA 100/1000 optical cutting machine (200×300 mm);
  • NOVITOME optical cutting machine (200×300 mm);