Production and mechanical treatment

Our Company specialize in the manufacture and remanufacture of power equipment. By technical infrastructure, we are able to provide services of:

Manufacture of steel structures and products, including but not limited to:
• steel structure of industrial facilities,
• industrial installation,
• segments of machines and equipment,
• pulverizers and separators of coal mills,
• bucket and scraper conveyors,
• flue gas and air ducts.

Remanufacture and renovation of parts and equipment including but not limited to:
• remanufacture of transmissions,
• remanufacture of belt rollers,
• repairs of drums and electric drums,
• repairs of excavator scoops.

Additionally, our Company performs mechanical machining in terms of:
• coiling of sheets with width of 3,100 mm and thickness 32 mm,
• cutting with band sawing machine of elements up to Ø440,
• making bores in elements down to 50 mm,
• screw cutting to M42,
• oxygen cutting by cutting machine for elements up to 100 mm,
• plasma cutting by cutting machine for elements up to 30 mm,
• shears cutting of elements with length of 3,050 mm and thickness 25 mm (17 mm stainless steal),
• elements pressing with a pressure of 300T and dimensions 1,000×1,000 mm,
• bending elemnts with a length of 3,600 mm and thickness 30 mm,
• low-dust low-splinter abrasive blasting using the Sponge-Jet technique.