We offer our renovation services, comprehensive implementation of technological and industrial installations concerned with ongoing maintenance, which are medium or major. Additionally, we carry out modernizations of investments including: 
• steam boilers and its installations with auxiliary equipment regarding: exhaust duct and its air, carburisation system, ashing and dedusting of high pressure pipelines with its armature, the pressure part of the heated surfaces, fire resistant linings, thermal isolation and noise emission reduction system,
• steam turbines with maximum capacity of 260MW, along with its installation and auxiliary systems and equipment, including but not limited to: disassembly and assembly of turbine generator units, repairs of actuators of control and shut-off valves, abrasive blasting using Sponge-Jet techniques applied to HP, IP and LP casing and regulatory system companents, high and low pressure pipelines, high and low pressure, cooling water pipelines, thermal insulation of turbogenerators, hydrogen and smoke removal systems,
• electric motors up to 6kV, electric witching stations 0,4kV, switching equipment, electric and lightning systems, cablle lines up to 20kV, lifting equipment,
• district heating units,
• hydrotechnical equipment,
• assembly and disassembly along with renting specialist industrial scaffolding systems.