Designing and logistics

We provide services in the field of designing, project inspection and investor’s supervision in the mechanical, electrical, heat engineering, sanitary, as well as structural and civil engineering. In addition, we develop processes design for manufacturing equipment and its parts, and for running erection works.

 We employ licenced designers who are certified in:

  • installations of networks and systems, electric and power equipment without limitations,
  • designing heat distribution networks and sanitary systems in buildings with a cubic capacity up to 1,000m3,
  • authorization for designing in construction speciality and civil engineering without limitations.

For our projects we use Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Architecture (2D and 3D design), ROBOT MILENIUM (strength calculations for structures including spaces trusses) and MATHCAD (various calculations).